Texpand’s Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Texpand does not work on my device?

The most probable reason for this is you have another third party accessibility services that may interfere with Texpand. It is confirmed that “Type machine” a keyboard logger app totally disables Texpand.

  1. Why does Google play store say this app is not compatible with my device?

Texpand requires Android 5.0 Lollipop or later because the APIs necessary to its functionality are not available in earlier versions of Android.

  1. Texpand is not expanding text on a particular app?

Texpand only expands text on apps that use the standard EditText widget or direct derivations of it.  Texpand does not work with office apps, terminal apps, websites and apps developed using HTML5 frameworks (non-native apps).

  1. How do I transfer my phrases to another device?

The easiest way to transfer your files to another device is to back up your data to Google Drive to do that tap the ‘Back up data’ option from the app menu then in the file chooser select Google Drive from the drawer then choose the desired folder specify a file name and tap save. Once the file is uploaded (this will happen automatically if you have data connection) on the other device tap ‘Restore data’ from the app menu choose the file from Google Drive and you will have your data restored.

  1. I want to upgrade to the pro version of Texpand but how will I transfer my data to the pro version?

Before you buy the pro version don’t uninstall the free version, while it is installed download the pro version. When the pro version is installed it will ask you to import data from the free version tap import. This will import your data from the free version to the pro version. After you are done importing data the pro version will prompt you to uninstall the free version. This is highly recommended, only one of them can work at the same time.

  1. Text is being expanded on password fields when I set them to be visible?

If your password field is not being masked by asterisk or dots then it is treated as an ordinary text field so there is no way for Texpand to know that you’re typing a password.

  1. When I use Texpand in the middle of texts there is some sort of flicker that happens? How do I get rid of that?

Texpand uses a workaround to make sure the cursor doesn’t go all the way to the end because you can’t completely control the cursor position due to limitations of the Android API. To get rid of that go to settings and uncheck the “Attempt to preserve cursor position” option. But note that this will make cursor go all the way to the end of the text.

  1. None of this address my problem?

If you have questions besides this, email me? I will do my best to address your questions.